MADAMME BK meticulously check every last detail of the production process, and as such, our productions are made exclusively in France and our fabrics are the finest lightweight, quick-dry, UV-protective Italian fabric .


​Exploring the know-how of French sewing, "le savoir-faire français", all the details are handmade and many tests we apply to the swimsuit before we allow them to be at your home.

Adding knowledge and quality for the final touches, we oversee each stage of our production: 

Creating innovative and the prettiest swimsuit designs, preparing the finest Italian swimsuit fabrics in the world, laser cutting our fabric with highly detailed patterns for extremely accurate cuts, final quality control inspection of the product and delivery of gorgeous products to your home. 


Each swimsuit is then hand-pressed, ironed and individually special wrapped before being sent to our warehouse in the Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

​We have coverage options that suit your lifestyle!


Our swim fabric has total protection against UV rays (UPF 50+) and with all the others qualities included below:​


Quick drying / Excellent UV protection/ Ultra-chlorine resistant / Sand resistant/ Shape retention / Excellent coverage/ Two-way stretch / Antibacterial.



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