Designed with the Soul


At MADAMME BK, design are our form of expression and every collection is the canvas in which this whole creative universe is built on.

The multiple scenarios and elements that define every woman are the matter of our inspiration: art, architecture, cities, nature, a specific mood, an attitude.

Every modest swimwear manifests the creation of a new world for today’s women: brave, genuine and sophisticated.

With eleven new launches per year, the prêt-à-porter constitutes the basis of every design at MADAMME BK , where the brand’s DNA and unique style are merged with the latest trends to create genuine and outstanding pieces.


The result: hand-finished contemporary modest swimwear with the highest quality materials.


From Drawing to Reality


The creative process starts at our atelier in Paris, where our specialized creative team works in every design with absolute demand and carefulness, from the first sketch, hand-made pattern,  to the material selection and the development of the final samples of every swimsuit.

Our productions are made exclusively in France and we use  the finest Italian lightweight, quick-dry, UV-protective swim fabrics available in the market.

Exploring the know-how of French sewing, "le savoir-faire français", all the details from our burkinis are handmade.

The manufacturing of our pieces combines an attentive handcraft expertise with the latest technology, which is applied in different stages until reaching the final swimsuit piece. 

In order to create the prettiest swimsuit designs, our unique paper patterns turns into digital patterns due to laser cutting our swim fabric for extremely accurate cuts. 


Qality Control

Once all the pieces of the production are finished, the quality department performs an exhaustive piece by piece visual and tactile control, as well as a use test with a sample of each production.

Each swimsuit is then hand-pressed, ironed and individually special wrapped before being sent to our warehouse in the Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

Beauty Lies in Details


Commitment to quality is a fundamental pillar in each MADAMME BK swimsuit. We produce our entire collection in the north of France with the best swim Italian fabric in the market.

Our swim fabric has total protection against UV rays (UPF 50+) and with all the others qualities included below:​


Quick drying / Excellent UV protection/ Ultra-chlorine resistant / Sand resistant/ Shape retention / Excellent coverage/ Two-way stretch / Antibacterial.


In addition of going through strict quality controls and being carefully selected, our fabrics and desgids make each piece genuine and unique. 

Our workshops are comprised with a great team of craftsmen that ally with avant-garde technology, bringing an exceptional finishing to every swimsuit. The expertise of the hand-finished details and the high precision of the tools in our facilities allow us to create every piece with the highest level of demand.​  


We have coverage options that suit your lifestyle!

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