Our Story

MADAMME BK Paris is a global modest swimwear label made in France, founded with a commitment to empower women around the world.  

We were established in 2011 at Rue la Boétie 75008 - Paris,  by designer Vanessa Lourenco, after her witnessing a need for covered swimwear in her entourage.

She decided to put her fashion education (Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne - Paris) in use to create a Haute Couture swimwear.

The result: Haute Couture Coverage !

We have built our reputation as an ethically-conscious modest swimwear label through responsible manufacturing techniques made in France with the finest Italian fabric .

We offer the ultimate fit , comfort with luxury, modesty and practicality.

When wearing MADAMME BK Paris, we support each other in confidence and beauty.

Lightweight, unique and sophisticated designs. That is what makes our swimsuits so special.

MADAMME BK Burkinis are made to offer the perfect balance between fun and coverage, providing the 

UV-protection, quick-dry and luxury that we all seek when going on vacation or just relaxing by the pool on a sunny day.

We are here to be original, exclusive and above all, focused on you.

Our  Promises

MADAMME BK believes in paying fair wages to those dedicated to making our products, preserving the beauty of the Earth, and keeping your skin safe by using only premium fabrics. We constantly work to ensure that all of our products are made ethically and responsibly.


Ethical Manufacturing

MADAMME BK  believes in improving the lives of the people who work to make our swimsuits.

This is why our seamstresses are paid higher than minimum wages.

Approximately 90% of the women employed by our factory partner are the heads of their households and are provided with social security and health benefits to help improve their standards of living.


Fair compensation is the foundation to upward mobility and we embrace that truth when manufacturing our swimsuits.


Our free-trade fabrics are colored with environmentally-friendly dyes that help avoid water waste and pollution.


We also work to minimize our corporate carbon footprint in order to maximize our positive impact on the world.


Taking Care Of Your Skin

MADAMME BK modest swimsuits is made from the finest Italian fabrics and STANDARD 100 certified by OEKO-TEX.

This means that every material used in our products is 100% skin safe.


This annual, voluntary certification process goes beyond national and international requirements, but it is something that we stand behind in confidence to ensure that your body is just as happy as you are while wearing our swimsuits.

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