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A match made in heaven.

The solid solid monotone in our Bali or swimsuit made with. Definitely a must-have!


The styles loved most by you guys.

These are the suits you'll never regret as you wear them season after season.

Florals? For summer? Our newest print is elegant, feminine, and easygoing. This one is for the romantics out there.

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The Ultimate chic, in and out of the water.

MADAMME BK Paris is a global modest swimwear brand made in France, founded with a commitment to empower women around the world.  Since 2011 we offer the ultimate fit and comfort, using only the finest Italian fabrics. 

 Lightweight, UV-protection, quick-dry and luxury that we all seek when going on vacation or just relaxing by the pool on a sunny day.  We are here to be original, exclusive and above all, focused on you.  Keep reading...

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The MADAMME BK burqini  is super comfortable, super fashionable and seriously it is the most beautiful and adorable burquini I have ever worn! The best part about this outfit is the tie that keeps the swim shirt from riding up in the water. So it is really perfect! The material is exquisite and it is made in France, so how much better can it get than that? I love this outfit!
 Yasemin Kanar - American fashion blogger: YazTheSpaz89
I absolutely loved my bathing suit and was incredibly pleased with my purchase. I am very impressed with the quality of your swimwear! How quickly it dries and allows me to swim without feeling encumbered. I have mentioned them to as many people as possible and will continue promote your beautiful swimwear. I will most definitely consider purchasing another suit from you soon. Sahar Riz - France
I just wanted to let you know that I wore my burkini for the first time last Friday (as pictured in my cover photo) and I absolutely loved it!
Thank you so much again, I finally found a company with products cute enough to give me the confidence to swim again – something I loved and truly missed. Thank you!!! Maisha Rahman - U.S.A
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The fabric on this swimwear is absolutely gorgeous! It is so light, you don’t feel like you are wearing it compared to the other ones I have owned before . This burquini is so fashionable and trendy you really feel like you are wearing something very cool.. It’s great for Muslims and non Muslims and hijabi’s and non-hijabi’s alike! Saman - Canadian fashion blogger: Saman’s Makeup & Hijabs
Dear Madamme Bk, I only came across your page recently. I was impressed by the very positive reviews.Today ended on a high note - 2 parcels arrived bearing a stamp from France! It was even more delightful to find the Turquoise Teal prettily encased in a dainty see-through scrunch bag.Thank you, Madamme BK, for that personal touch & thoughtful gesture. Merci beaucoup!This was my first experience wearing the modest swimwear from Madamme Bk. I like the fact that it doesn't cling to the body even when wet. The material remains light and hangs loosely without revealing the outline of the body. Excellent!!!I was so impressed with the quality and style of Madamme Bk that I bought another piece - this time the Turquoise Capri. (My first piece was the Marine Blue)I also bought the Turquoise Teal as a present for my first cousin who recently moved into an apartment with a large swimming pool. (There she is in the background)Nor-Sane MA - Singapore
Hello,  I just wanted you to know I received my suite today and totally love it!  I’ve already tested it out and couldn't be happier!  Thank you so much for your help!  Shelby Mace - U.S.A

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