The Tanger prune modest swimsuit expresses playful swim dress featuring drawstring-waist and minimalist cut. 


Tight fit or loose fit. Turban or Full-Covered neck. You choose!


Revolutionary head-piece that can be worn in both ways, combined with an elegant long tunic.

The relaxed fit in combination with the soft fabric ensures that the burkini is lovely. You look beautiful every time you wear it!


The burkini Tanger also remains elegant in the water, the dress does not bounce up, thanks to the hidden knot system.


The pants contain a pair of laces, one on each side of the waist, enabling it to be attached to the dress.


This ensures the dress will stay in place when entering the water and you stay comfortable and stylish at all times.It is made in France with the finest Italian swim fabric that is suitable for swimming or other sporting activities that you like to practice.


The burkini set dries quickly and is water resistant. It will certainly meet your needs in every way.

A timeless and sophisticated modest swimwear, a must-have for your holiday wardrobe. You stay comfortable and stylish at all times!

You will receive 3-piece full cover modest swimsuit:  


-- Long sleeve dress with wrists and drawstring-waist in Prune color.

The dress contains a pair of laces, one on each side of the waist, allowing to wear the dress as you wish. Tight fit or loose fit.


- Skinny pants in prune color.


- Revolutionary turban head-piece that can be worn in both ways: Turban or Hijab.


Quick drying, 100% Italian swim Lycra fabric. ConsciouslyMade in France with hand made details. UPF 50 + sun protection.




Le burkini Tanger exprime une robe de bain ludique robe avec cordon de serrage à la tailleet une coupe minimaliste.

Robe avec encolure haute, les manches longues élégantes définissent son design en se combinant avec une bonnet de bain révolutionnaire qui peut être portée de deux manières: Turban ou Hijab.

Vous recevrez un maillot de bain modeste 3 pièces à couverture complète:


- Robe à manches longues avec poignets et cordon de serrage à la taille de couleur prune.

La robe contient une paire de lacets, un de chaque côté de la taille, permettant de porter la robe comme vous le souhaitez. Coupe ajustée ou coupe ample.


- Pantalon skinny.


- Bonnet de bain révolutionnaire qui peut se porter dans les deux sens: Turban ou Hijab.


Tissu Lycra de bain 100% italien à séchage rapide | 100% Made in France avec des détails faits à la main | UPF 50 + protection solaire.

Tanger Prune

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  • DRESS Measurements in centimeters - CM

    ROBE Mesures en centimètres - CM














    XS 90 90 100 61,5
    S 97 98 110 62
    M 102 108 118 63
    L 106 112 124 67
    XL 112 117 126 69


Our pieces are handmade with stretchy fabric, therefore, all measurements are approximate.


Please, allow 0.5 cm of seam allowance for all models.


Bare in mind that we are a modest swimwear and our swim dress cut are usually bigger than regular brands.


If you wish a tight fit:

We kindly advise to shop 01 size smaller than your regular size, or use our Size chart in Centimeters at the product description.

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