The Oman modest swimsuit expresses the harmony between minimalist cut and modern look.

Playful swim dress featuring drawstring-waist .


3-piece modest swimsuit:


- One-piece long sleeve swim dress with drawstring-waist in mauve and pastel peach details. Loose fit with adjustable drawstring waist allowing to wear the dress as you wish. Tight fit or loose fit

- Slim-fit swim tights in mauve

- Versatile self-tie swim turban in  pastel peach and pearl details.


Revolutionary pleated turban headpiece with two attached tails to wrap/tie as desired.

Can be styled according to preference.


The burkini Oman also remains elegant in the water, the dress does not bounce up, thanks to the hidden knot system.


The pants contain a pair of laces, one on each side of the waist, enabling it to be attached to the dress.


This ensures the dress will stay in place when entering the water and you stay comfortable and stylish at all times.


It is made in France with the finest Italian swim fabric that is suitable for swimming or other sporting activities that you like to practice.


The burkini set dries quickly and is water resistant. It will certainly meet your needs in every way.


A timeless and sophisticated modest swimwear, a must-have for your holiday wardrobe.



Quick drying | 100% Italian lightweight swim Lycra fabric | 100% Made in France with hand made details | UPF 50 + sun protection.